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5 Ways to Improve Social Media Presence

Let’s face it. We are all guilty of falling into the craze of online interactions and trying to obtain some sort of a virtual image to show off to our friends, family, and maybe even a couple of old classmates. And while most of our lives are mediocre on a grand scale, it is not that hard to spice things up on your timeline with a right background, appropriate filter, and a couple of stickers to make things fun. And while it all seems to be fun and games, we continuously refresh our feeds as soon as we post a new photo to gauge our likes and the post’s overall performance compared to your previous trends. But why is having fun online so stressful? That’s because social media allows us an opportunity to present ourselves to the world the way we want to be seen and gives us all the control to oversee our own image. So if being yourself online requires so much hard work to simply be liked by your own circle, it is certainly much more crucial when it comes to building a brand and maintaining its online appearance. mdrnFX is one way to solve this issue, but we understand that sometimes things need to be taken into your own hands. This is why our team of professionals have put together a list of things to keep in mind when trying to improve your overall social media presence.

Identify Your Audience

Here’s a tip: not everyone is going to be your ideal customer and not everyone is your target audience. A social media profile is one of your most important marketing channels and the number one rule in marketing is to know who you’re marketing to. Narrowing down your customer base will help you focus on the content that better aligns with your company’s vision while also attracting an audience with similar interests. We don’t want everyone to follow our brand on Instagram, but only those who have shown interest in it. Having a million inactive users is not only useless but is also damaging to your reputation. And while we’re still on this topic, narrowing down your audience to a more specific demographic won’t solve your problems either. Be strategic in your choices and most importantly know your brand.

Build Relationships

Once you start gaining a following, it is not only important to keep that number growing with the new audience, but it is equally if not more important to maintain the following that you have gathered so far. To do so you need to build individual relationships with your audience. It’s called SOCIAL media after all. If it is not feasible to have a designated person interacting with your followers and promptly responding to their inquiries and concerns, time-block your calendar for at least 30 minutes a day to dedicate this time to social interaction with your subscribers. Maintaining these types of relationships through likes on people’s responses, comments on their feedback, and responding to their DMs will build a stronger bond with your potential and returning customers. This bond will play a major role when these people are in the market for a product or service that your business has to offer.

Plan and Create Your Own Content

Original is always better than a knockoff. Nothing pulls the crowd in as unique and original content does that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. This should not be difficult if your business already offers an exclusive product or service that differentiates you from your competitors. But if that is not the case, focusing on what your target audience has an interest in could also be a good source of generating ideas for authentic posts. Don’t get us wrong, we highly encourage research and checking out the competition especially in today’s competitive market and a vast online. However, our pro tip is to add your own unique twist to any idea generated by another creator. The most important thing to remember here is to never use another creator’s work to pass it on as your own.

Optimize for Engagement

What’s the point of even dedicating your time to plan and generate fun and original content if you get no engagement from your audience? Honestly, there is none! In addition to creative posts on your social platforms, you must also encourage your followers to interact with the content that you post. Thankfully the majority of social media platforms make the job a lot easier for us. The engagement can come from likes, comments, tags, story reactions, votes, polls, questionnaires, and so on. Your job as the creator here is to think of creative ways to boost your followers’ interactions. We will leave this up to your own imagination as your choices here are limitless, but a friendly reminder – remember your target audience!

Stay Active

Social media requires hard work and commitment. You won’t see major results after only one week at the gym, so don’t expect it here. People like to see engaging content, and they like a lot of it. To be quite frankly, here – more is more. But there is a fine line between quantity and quality. To boost your social media presence, it is essential to stay active online. This is a full-time job and requires strategic planning and execution. At mdrnFX, we know how much time and resources it takes to start and operate a brand-new business, but we also know that your online persona is of major importance. That’s why we will completely take over the process from start to finish and let you focus on what really matters – your product.

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